1 Why choose an online personal trainer?
The costs of a physical presence can be reduced and the daily and constant support will be more relevant, there are no limits of places and time anywhere in the world.
2How does the first free advice?
The customer, if interested, can send me an email or call the number present on the site, then we will decide together the time and day in which to speak in videocall or coming to see me directly in the office by appointment.
3Is it possible from time to time within the training course, the physical presence for individual sessions?
Absolutely yes, you can request my presence for any reason, from a workout together with motivational coaching. For info and prices write to me in private.
4Why can't I choose between nutritional and a training plan?
I do not distinguish the nutritional plans and the training plans because I believe that the two things go hand in hand, and therefore cannot be separated from one another. I provide advice for healthy, balanced diets whether you want to lose weight, maintain your tone or increase mass in a natural way through basic regular physical activity. I am neither a dietician nor a nutritionist, but you can find qualified specialists in these areas.
5Is delayed payment possible?
Of course, that’s not a problem.
6If I don’t have much time for workouts every week, are there plans available to suit me?
Each plan is customised to meet your time needs, whether you have 20 minutes to 2 hours or more every day.
7Can I have just a single plan without the whole package?
Yes, of course: following your free consultation, you can opt for an individual plan that meets your needs. Just contact me privately for info and prices.
8How does the 24/7/7 support work?
If you decide to take this option, I’ll give you my private number so that you can contact me by phone, WhatsApp, Messenger or private email.
9Do the workouts include shortcuts?
Absolutely not! I specialised in doping and related factors for my studies, so all your results will be naturally achieved through sweat, motivation and proper nutrition.
10Why choose me?
Over the years, I have dedicated my life to my passions, making efforts and sacrifices without ever giving up. If I can motivate even a single person to get what they want in life at both a physical and a mental level, it will be worth the effort.